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Chapel on the Water 水之教堂

Chapel on the Water 水之教堂






由東京乘坐 JR 只需 1 小時,便可到達 Tomamu。教堂亦在 JR 站提供免費接駁巴士,讓新人及賓客可以輕鬆直達教堂及渡假村。



婚禮時間:1000 / 1300 / 1600 / 1900*

* 夜間婚禮需額外費用

An unforgettable wedding in Japan!

Water Chapel is located inside Hokkaido Tomamu resort, distanced from New Chitose Airport around 60 minutes by JR. If you hold a wedding here in the Water Chapel, you will be able to get the most unforgettable overseas wedding experience.

The chapel also provides with visitors the shuttle bus service at the JR. 

How special is it?

Water Chapel recently received a lot of attention due to the mv shooting of a famous Taiwanese singer, Fish Leong, and the ceremony of another Taiwanese artist, Tracy Su. We can see a lot of effort has been put into the design of the Water Chapel by the famous Japanese architect Andou Tadao. 

If we want to arrive at the Water Chapel, we need to pass through the beautiful and calming Birch forest, then the steps themed with minimalism, eventually reaching the chapel which is surrounded by transparent glass wall. A cross stands on the pond of water in front of the wedding hall which brings us a stately felling. 

Capacity & Wedding Time

Capacity: 80

Wedding Time: 1000 / 1300 / 1600 / 1900*

* Night wedding surcharge applies.

Tomamu 星野渡假村



北海道星野 TOMAMU 度假村是一個最著名的海外婚禮及蜜月休閒勝地。還有滑雪場以及雲海的美景,在 2013年冬季就吸引了超過 30,000 名日本旅客入住。渡假村總面積為 1,000 ha (相當於213個東京巨蛋以及40座大安森林公園),夏天為森林為主的渡假村,冬天則是著名的滑雪勝地。


春之櫻、翠綠的夏天,四處綻放甜美的花香,讓新人在北海道感受濃厚的愛情氣氛。秋天的紅葉滲透浪漫的意境,而冬天的雪景更為新人締造神聖盟約之地…… 新人在水之教會舉行婚禮定必讓大自然最美的一刻擁抱,化作永恆的回憶。

What to do after the wedding ceremony?

I have some best recommendations for you and your beloved one!

First thing first - don’t miss the great facilities within the Tomamu Resort area! The Tomamu Resort is a prominent place for honeymoon. The large amount of 30000 guests of residents during the 2013 Winter is a case in point. The total area here is 1000 ha (FYI, equals to 213 Tokyo Dome) . 

Chapel on the Water 水之教堂婚禮後的活動

Tomamu 的雲海

Tomamu 的雲海

Tomamu 的雲海

北海道 Tomamu

於每年的 5 月 - 12 月,Tomamu 的雲海是因應特殊的地形和氣象條件而出現的神秘自然現象。 快來看看這奇景!

You will be able to see the sea of clouds here from May to December. Because of the special , unique and unmatched geography and climate here, clouds are formed in a structure likes the waves in sea. 


Tomamu 的雲海

Tomamu 的雲海

北海道 Tomamu


If you are lucky enough, you will be able to find the deer and snowy rabbits from the wild. You start your trip at dusk and adventure under the cloak of darkness. Isn’t it exciting?


Tomamu 的雲海


北海道 Tomamu


Try canoeing on the tranquil pond inside the resort! The milk-cow printed canoe makes the whole activity more interesting. Please imagine when you and your beloved one are forging ahead on the pond while accompanied with the warm sunlight, that must be a romantic scene!




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