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Arluis Suite 海之教會

Arluis Suite 海之教會


Arluis Suite 海之教會是恩納村內距離機場最近的海外婚禮教堂,有「海洋教堂」之稱,教堂面向享譽世界的恩納村海域,配以聖潔之路上的琉球玻璃,新人有如在海洋上攜手走著,步向幸福。


Your Overseas Wedding 的日籍婚照攝影師團隊以最細膩的手法為新人在日本 Arluis Suite Chapel 「海之教堂」拍日本海外結婚相並舉行最貼心的日本婚禮,讓新人可以盡情享受到日本人待客賓至如歸的服務態度及盡覽日本獨特的文化。

此外,我們提供一站式海外婚禮服務,由日本攝影師親自為您在如同置身世外桃源一般的以獨特沖繩 Arluis Suite 拍出浪漫動人的日本婚紗照,讓新人能輕鬆出發,玩得盡興,留下獨特甜蜜的旅遊回憶。


由機場到教堂,只需 1 小時,距離恩納村酒店區僅 5-10 分鐘。新人和賓客都十分方便。



教堂聖潔之路:約 10 米

婚禮時間:0900 / 1030* / 1230* / 1400 / 1600


Welcome to the romantic land - Arluis Suite!

Located next to the beautiful beach in Okinawa, Arluis Suite is the dependable chapel closest to Onna-son Area. Couples will walk through the road of holiness made with Ryukyu Glasswork and turn to a new and even happier chapter of their lives. 

Arluis Suite is a chapel that themed in a romantic, castle-like and magnificent concept. If you are longing for a fairytale- like wedding, this will definitely be your best choice. 

Your Overseas Wedding provides you with the all-in-one and carefree overseas wedding service. We will give you the most constructive advice on your wedding ceremony and rundown. We handle all the troublesome trifle, just want to give you a perfect and warm wedding. 

Would love to take some wedding photos here?

We also have a team of local and professional photographers in Japan to help you with your wedding photo. Couples who are interested can enjoy their all-rounded service while experiencing the unique culture of Japan.

It’s convenient!

You only need an hour to go from the Airport to Arluis Suite. 

It only takes you 5-10 minutes to travel form the Onna Hotel Area to the Chapel. 

Isn’t it convenient?!

Capacity & Wedding Time

Capacity: 40 guests

Wedding Time: 0900/1030*/1230/1400/1600

 *Required to book with an upgraded plan

Arluis Suite 沖繩婚禮流程


婚禮前一天搭乘飛機前往沖繩,進行儀式前確認會議 (約 60~90 分鐘)



婚禮當天化妝及髮式造型 (含諮詢約 90 分鐘),搭乘婚禮專車前往會場,抵達教堂,儀式及儀式後紀念攝影 (約 60 分鐘),After Party (約 120 分鐘),Party 完結後回酒店。




The first day

Arrive at Okinawa a day before the ceremony to attend a final meeting (around 60-90 minutes).

The exact time and date for the final meeting vary with your flight and the type of ceremony.

The second day

1. Make-up and hair styling (~90 minutes)

2. Arrive at the chapel 

3. Ceremony and the photo taking (~60 minutes)

4. After party (~120 minutes)

5. Return to hotel

The third day

Enjoy your time there and have a sweet and relaxing honeymoon! 




海外婚禮後,還想宴請親友?Arluis Suite 有專屬的海景宴會廳,供應具沖繩特色的美食,讓大家的歡樂氣氛在沖繩婚禮後延續下去。

Want to hold a banquet?

Sure! Arluis Suite provides you with their exclusive sea-view hall. Together with the delicious food served, you and your guests must have the most unforgettable moments here.


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Your Overseas Wedding 的 Wedding Planner 將十分樂意與為您分享籌備海外婚禮及婚紗攝影的經驗。 

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